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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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motion. commissioner: second. president o'brien: ok, let's of a roll call. clerk: the motion from commissioner kasselman. that is without proof president o'brien: -- that is without? supervisor campos: -- president o'brien: without objection. thank you. next item. clerk: to make recommendations, and i believe the director handed out a report. >> good evening, directors, and
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i know since it is valentine's day, we have other matters. i will be sustained. we have our number. we are up 24% over last year in terms of clients' cases that the small-business assistance center, so last year, 232 clients, this year 288. one person is on vacation this week, and we were not able to secure a temporary help, so we have had to do some closure of the counter to be able to manage step schedules and the workload, some of the schedule for this week. there was a two-month campaign that has concluded with shop sf. small business week, the planning committee has started. there is a calendar before you,
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but commissioner adams is our commissioner/representative on the committee, and he will be speaking to that in his vice president's report. i also want to thank commissioner riley for her assistance in helping us with the chinese cuisine restaurant in chinatown. this is a unique situation that our office has been working with with other members of the chinatown community. the restaurant is located right next to the campus of the new city college, the chinatown campus, that is under construction, and so, obviously, being right next to such major construction, there have been some impacts, and the commissioner was very helpful with helping our office, and then there was a big event on friday to help revive the
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business, so i want to extend our appreciation to you for providing that support. under policy matters, the ada had a presentation at the meeting in terms of a program that we have to offer, so i just want to provide to you the list of entities, merchants' associations that i have already been to to provide presentations. on the 31st, there was a joint meeting with the neighborhood market place koran or managers, and there was our neighbor and economic development organization, those that do business-technical assistance that gets funding from the city, and so, we clearly expressed to them that the supervisors of the expectation that they will be also helping with the outreach and education, and then,
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upcoming, and there are two -- there are three presentations coming up, and i also just want to make note that the balboa merchants, they are a group that are thinking of forming a merchants' association, and so this meeting will be kind of a first meeting, and commissioner adams will also be attending to help inform them of what they need to do to form a merchant's association, so. mobil foods. we are targeting a march 1 date for applications at dpw. we are hosting a workshop on february 25 in the evening to assist the emobile operators infilling of their application. the object of this is that the vendors will come, have a pre-
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review of their application, because dpw, we fully anticipate long lines, so this is to help facilitate the permit applications being able to be accepted and being able to the minister as many as it possibly can the first day. the local hiring initiative which you heard, mayor lee has tasked someone with this, and we are looking at a march implementation. let me know if you're interested in having any kind of follow-up reporting to the commission after the program gets implemented. i am still trying to work with the police department as to when is an appropriate time for them to come and schedule a presentation to you on the
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implementation of the. -- of that. and then i will leave the rest of it for you to read. communications, calendar items, mayor lee, jane kim, chiu, and others are hosting a new event next tuesday at city hall. you are all welcome to attend, excuse me. that is tomorrow. and then not to forget that this thursday february 17 is the small business network, and they meet the interim mayor and supervisors event. so if you do not have details on the, please let chris know, so that concludes my director's report, and unless you have any questions? president o'brien: thank you,
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director. next item, chris. clerk: this is a time when there can be reports. i do want to say that the items on the agenda were discussed in that meeting, so i do not believe there is any outstanding legislative matters from that meeting. president o'brien: ok, let's go ahead and move along to the next item. clerk: item 10, the permitting committee report. president o'brien: to take y0our -- your cue, i will make it brief. we're trying to get a better picture of all of the different
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types and fees, etc., that are involved with permits associated various city activities, and we're looking at also tried to an update on caps. we had a discussion about entertainment lights and working with the entertainment commission staff, the stakeholders. it seems there is a preference to move towards a light performance model, -- live performance, where music and performances will be central to that type of permit. hours of occupation and occupancy will be part of the permit process, and we are working towards that direction. we also had a discussion regarding waste water and impact fees, and some of the more important items to, of the discussion is that the waste water fee is charged in accordance with government code 66, which covers implementation
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of the program. it is known that the fee is based on the original cost to the system. they tried to recognize the load on the system as it is today, and people are going to be adding new load to the system with new businesses or whatever, new investments, whenever, that they would try to have these people pay the cost of the increased equity required to support the new load, so that is kind of a modeling tried to abide by, and so it is based on an equity investment. a waste water fee is charged for many types of small businesses. the next time that the fees for these services will be updated will be 2014, during the regular ratepayer process.
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that was most of the stuff that came up of the permitting meeting but i think is relevant that we can talk about today. i conclude that. next item, please. clerk: thank you, president o'brien. item 11, the outreach committee report. commissioner: this year, we received a subsequent bill for terminals, so i did not know, but maybe at a future meeting, we can talk about legislation. small businesses are getting new fees for things that are new. i believe it is like $25. i cannot remember the specifics, but that is another fee that is coming down the pipeline. >> commissioners, i will follow
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up with you. the office was involved with this around the budget, so i will follow up with you in terms of what our office, the steps that we took to help mitigate the impact and costs to small business in relationship to the weights and measures and regarding an electronic system, so i will follow up. provide you a memo and a summary, because i think, yes, i did report on that, but, commissioner kasselman, i do not think you're on the commission at that time. president o'brien: all right. clerk: ok, commissioners, item 11, the outreach committee report. >> i did not greet you at the last full commission. the largest item that we dealt
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with during that meeting was a discussion of a joint committee hearing with planning around formula retail, and i would just give people with points of that discussion. it is requiring an economic impact report for formula retail stores and overall economic impact report of the pros and cons of formula retail stores in the city of san francisco, the criteria for planning commission approval, a review of the job's salary scale benefits that are paid by formula retail stores versus the same scale for the same items in our local small businesses, a review of pop up stores depend the notification process to be effected businesses when formula retail applications are being submitted, and also a prenotification to the small-
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business community, commission, so we can propose this, because one of the things we're seeing in san francisco is trying to waiting a larger formula retail, so the current criteria of the affected area may not apply, and it should have an economic analysis, so that was the meeting of december 17, and in the meeting of january 21, we discussed the vacancy report. we received three responses from the landlord, and it is proving difficult to get information from the landlord about their vacancies, why there are vacant, how long they have been vacant. and so forth, and then the ada you have already been briefed
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on. thank you very much. president o'brien: thank you. next item. clerk: item number 12, president's report. president o'brien: ok, so we had a joint commission meeting with the building inspection commission. we also had planned to have the planning commission there, as well, but they could not make it do to the time constraints that was imposed and going ahead and having the meeting at the time you originally scheduled, which, most of knowledge, there is the fact that the planning commission holds a meeting every week as opposed to us, where we only have a meeting once a month. plus, their meetings run a long time. i have seen them in there from 1:00 until 12:00 at night, but they definitely are very interested in having a joint commission hearing, bahama misty
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hearing, and we will participate in the not too distant future. in fact, i think we will get started on the planning process in the next week or so, so the issue that came up when we discussed -- we have a presentation from staff at the planning department, which was with the to support the idea of a discovery of what we can do to improve things for the small- business community as pertains to the planning department, and there is a number of different issues that could come up there, and so we thought of was the environmental exemption process applicants have to go through for new structures, a lot of which are from small-business owners, and, you know, it is
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interesting that the process can be fast-tracked of something really important can come along, like the america's cup or something, but we want to figure environmental process or ceqa process goes, and if there is anything we can do at the city level. bill hall idea is to make it run more efficient, so the planning commission hope we will be involved next time as we explore some areas of day-to-day business with the planning department. also, we had a presentation on the ada , a couple of different speakers, one from dbi and another from an architect that is familiar with the process. this is all as pertains to small
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business would meet -- with the ada issues, having them comply with it rather than complying with the because of a letter they received, and as i said, i hope korea another one in the future. we will maybe cover fewer items and examine one or two items more thoroughly. that is the gist of my report. thanks. clerk: commissioners, item 13, the vice president's report. vice president adams: thank you. i am going to be very, very brief. as the director reported, and will be the co-chair of small business week. thank you, regina. [laughter]
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but i am really excited about it because i have been involved for a long time with my involvement with the castro merchants association, so i am really looking forward to this. this is, to me, the best event of all. we're going to have the board of supervisors' recognition on tuesday, the 15th. the all-day conference, which i know a lot of my staff members at the big tent, and there are owners that attend the call date conference, and i guess, next in flavors, my second favorite is the shop your neighborhood sidewalks sale date. i think it is a great boost for these neighborhoods. and i want to see more neighborhoods get involved this year, not just certain
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neighborhoods, but i want every neighborhood to get involved this year, so i will really be pushing that. that is all but i haven't -- that i have. president o'brien: thank you. next item. clerk: item 14, commission reports. president o'brien: seeing none, next item. commissioner clyde: item 15, general public comment. president o'brien: seeing none, next item. clerk: item 16, new business. commissioner kasselman: i would like to support a resolution that urges or requests the the department of building inspection and planning to expedite the relocation of those
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businesses and also, you know, the northern waterfront is on to be affected by the loss of all of those people working in that area. the shop in the area and eat out in that area, so i think it expedited process for a beneficial relocation should be encouraged, if we could draft a resolution, i would be very grateful period -- grateful. president o'brien: it was mentioned in the president's report, but i did have a meeting with the senior plumbing inspector at dbi, and he has advised me, and this may already be documented, about the legislation, and very briefly, the gist of this conversation was, you know, if we can be successful in the outreach and allow people to be aware of the legislation, it is going to be a
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lot better than if the dbi is called out there because of a complaint. the key difference between the time -- two, if someone was trying to take care of fact, oil, in greece, -- and grease, then the inspector would only go up there to check that. they are not going to look for anything else, but if somebody is called out there not because of the permit but because of a complaint, to do with that, oil, and grease, they will look at more than was just in the scope of the work for which they were called, so i think we should look at trying to get as much education on the that we can out there.
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i know your already working on the, but i have asked him to maybe be available to come and speak on an update on that in the future. commissioner kasselman: and i think what we should have is the puc with updates, because i know they were going to target some specific outreach, as well. president o'brien: but yes, ok, great. any more new business? ok, next item. clerk: next item, 17, entertaining motion to adjourn. president o'brien: do we need a roll call approved -- roll call? clerk: a motion by commissioner kasselman, without objection, at
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8:01 p.m. >> we are going to start off with a super blessing with the rev. dr. mcrae and reverend norman fong. [laughter] we have got the mayor here. we have got the family here. bless the family. this is a very special occasion that we want to start off right
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with the rev. dr. mcrae. >> made the spirit of peace, joy, collaboration, inspire the building of mary helen rogers senior community housing. made the spirit of life, commitment, and tenacity demonstrated by the life and love of mary helen rogers bless all that will dwell in this new development. they all of the workers, the contractors, developers, funders, architects, be filled with a spirit of harmony, creativity, as they build not only a new facility, but a new community. >> as we anticipate the building
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of the mary helen rogers senior community center and housing, maybe we -- may be be inspired to do justice and demonstrate love and compassion as we continue the good fight in the city of st. francis. >> made a piece of the gods blessed mary helen rogers, the love of it -- loving mother of the western addition. made that same got of peace bless this community as it moves it forward. may god bless the new senior community, the facility that is built in the honor of this icon of our community. amen. >> and it is valentine's day. what a perfect day to celebrate
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love in this community. >> thank you. my name is gordon chan, the executive director of the chinatown community development center. we are delighted that you have joined us on this special occasion. perhaps the speeches will be shorter because of the rain. i will not talk much about the project. you can see the statistics on the board. but i did want to share a personal gratitude with rogers family. mary was a hero and a champion to many of us. i met her when i was working at the international hotel, struggling in the 1960's and 1970's. a champion for the entire city, not just the western addition. we oblast and daughter that she -- we are blessed and honored to be here today.
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the san francisco redevelopment agency, the silicon valley bank, our architects and contractors. without any further ado, let me turn it over and welcome the mayor. i was going to wear my giants hat, but since the war mayor more his hat, i think it is ok. >> good morning, everyone. thank you. i am not a big celebrators of valentine's day. but there is a great analogy in that we break ground today on this day. when i think of mary helen rogers, many years ago when i
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was attempting to understand what was happening in the western addition, meeting people that were introducing you to the problems and challenges of youth and why the city's families needed to get closer together, that is what i met mary ellen rogers. i remember her, as well as so many others, who had such a strong love of community. it is a -- it is appropriate that this housing development been named after her to reflect that great love that she had for her family, as well as her community. i also find it extremely significant, as this is not to be passed. in building these 100 units of affordable senior housing, 20% of which will be housing formerly homeless people, that
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it is done in such a way that it reflects the great collaboration that exists within the city. so that the talent of the tabernacle and it's great reverence are coming together with the people in the community. our two great communities in the city, coming together to forge this great relationship, doing the best work that it can. making sure that this housing uses those valuable tax increments that we have been talking about for the entire month. redevelopment in the city has been doing a great job. leveraging dollars with a financial community like silicon valley bank and others to fund this project. we could not do it without this great collaboration or leadership from both communities coming together.


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